Blasphemy - The Video Game
  Author: By Richard Berger  
  Notes: Computer and video games have reached a state of deplorable and increasingly realistic violence. These days, kids can kill just about anything from the typical alien space creatures to postal workers to schoolchildren in playgrounds, even civil servants. We’ve seen games that have made fortunes filled with sexist and racial content. Musician and screenwriter Richard Berger's Blasphemy has not been picked up by any of the game makers…thank goodness! RICHARD BERGER is a composer-musician, screenwriter, audio engineer, and gigolo who lives in Hollywood. Look for his upcoming CD entitled “SOFT INTERLUDE WITH A MIDGET”, a collection of 20th Century Art Music (with German mezzo-soprano Nina Wachenfeld), spoken word, jazz, and other weirdness.  

Have you played Blasphemy?

It’s the exciting new video game guaranteed to offend everybody – a multi-level, exciting romp through the history of religious persecution - and you are the persecutor!

If you hate organized religion, if you think that religious oppression is disgusting, if you believe that the world is in the state that it’s in because we’ve all fought too many wars believing God is on OUR side, If you hate the Pope, the Chief Rabbi, the Ayatollah, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dalai Lama, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham and the Reverend Sun Myung Moon with equal passion, Blasphemy is the game for you!

Designed to play in multi-environments, you can take yourself back in time to the crusades and mow down armies of infidels, OR, if you desire, armies of the Christian invaders of the Holy Land. Then....

Blast away at every religious icon or personage that you or anyone else holds sacred. Jump forward in time to Salem Massachusetts and burn witches at the stake!!! Jump back and burn Joan of Arc!!! Jump forward again and burn Homosexuals!!! Jump back and burn Druids!!! Burn anything you want!!!.... Hell! ....You can even burn Hell!!!....Or burn in Hell!!!....Or have your Second Grade teacher (the one who made you stay after school) burn in Hell!!!

Always had that hidden yen to torture heretics until they confess? YOU can be Torquemada.....You can be the entire Spanish Inquisition!! You say you hate Huguenots?...Let thousands of giant escargots slowly dissolve them in gastric juices and then bury them in runny, gooey Brie....Have a bug up your bum for the Holy Roman Empire?...Drown it in boiling Garlic Tomato Sauce!! If you don’t like a particular religion, have them declare Holy War on themselves and then sit back and watch the fun as they burn, pillage, and rape each other....OR:

If you want, just nuke Jerusalem and then move East to pillage a bunch of believers by dropping cows on their heads. Blast away at Chasidic Rabbis (hear ‘em say “OY, you got me!”), help hordes of vegetarians starve to death, torch a few monks (you can toast marshmallows for extra points).

It’s all good clean fun.

You get to kill:

Holy Rollers Mormons Muslims
Buddhist Monks Shinto Priests Animists
Hindus Pagans Druids
Tree Worshipers Satanists Christians (131 denominations!) Native American Shamans Zoroastrians Snake Handlers
Ritual Cannibals Eastern Orthodox Parsees
Aztecs Baptists AND Anabaptists Sun Worshipers
Cargo Cultists Jehovah’s Witnesses Wiccans
Christian Scientists Ancestor Worshipers Jews (including cabalists!)
Faith Healers TV Evangelists Moonies
Candomblé Cult members Dice People Vegans

In Level Seven you’ll get to slaughter anthroposophists, Gentoos, Gnostics, reincarnationists, Vednatists, Mandaeans, and even those wily gymnosophists.

Our advanced tutorial section will help guide you on the path of self-righteousness and help you quickly attain the blood-lust of a true zealot. You will learn better and quicker ways of killing and maiming anyone who doesn’t share YOUR particular view of heaven on earth. And the best thing’ll get to feel good about it!!! You’ll become ever more sophisticated in inventing newer and better ways of dealing death to unbelievers.

As one of the characters below (or others to be determined) you can move through the game’s levels and score points for obliterating the various people trying to convert you, or the people just trying to ignore you and lead their own peaceful (but herectical) lives.

You can get more points for practicing true charity and sharing stuff directly with the various homeless and other unfortunate people you encounter. However, some of them will turn on you, so be careful. Beware of false Messiahs, but when you find the true Messiah, you win.


1) Flengar, Sword of Odin
2) Herbie (or Norm) the Anti-Christ
3) Naomi, fallen High Priestess of Ishtar
4) Klondike Jack, Missionary Killer
5) Ethel the Druid assassin
6) Sam the Savior of Phlegm

Blasphemy is conceived to be made to run on either the DOOM or QUAKE engines.

WARNING!!!: This game is not suitable for children. Actually this game is not suitable for adults either....actually this game is not suitable for anyone.....Come to think of it...take a look around the world....this game is being played for that suitable? Why aren’t you out there doing something about it?


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