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Chink joint (Cheap Oriental restaurant)
draggings (diners who linger)
greasy spoon
hash house
Mulligan joint (cheap restaurant)
nigger joint, nigger jook, nigger juke (low class restaurant or bar)
shebeen (Irish, Scots)
shoemaker (rookie cook)
VSOP (very selectively opinionated customer, i.e. tough-reservation code)

Golden Arches
Maccas (Australian)
Mackey-D's (British)
MacDo (Filipino)
MacDoh (French Canadian)
McDoof (German)
McD's (Scottish)
Meki (Hungarian)
Donkey (Swedish)
Mickey D's
Turo-turo (Filipino)

Spruiker (Australian)


Fluff and fold (handle with care/VIP)
Eighty-six (remove a dish from menu)
put wheels on it (order to go)


in the weeds (kitchen running way behind)
full house (with lettuce tomato and mayo)


Going for a MacShit: entering fast food restaurant with no intention of eating
Pull a mable: spill food on yourself at a high-class restaurant
Mole-er than thou - too expensive mexican restaurant
86ed - out of a particular dish
Garbage - usable leftovers
Get stiffed - waiter not getting a tip

Adam and Eve - two eggs
Adam and Eve with their eyes open - two eggs, sunny side up
Adam and Eve on a raft - two eggs on toast
Adam and Eve on a raft, wrecked: Two scrambled eggs on toast
Adam's ale - plain water
Axle grease, skid grease - butter
Baby, moo juice, Sweet Alice or cow juice - Milk
Belch water - Seltzer or soda water
Birdseed - Cereal
Blue-plate special - A dish of meat, potato, and vegetable
Bossy in a bowl - Beef stew
Bowl of red - A bowl of chili con carne
Bowwow - hot dog
Breath - An onion
Bridge or bridge party - Four of anything
Bullets - baked beans
Bun pup - hot dog
Burn one - Put a hamburger on the grill
Burn the British - A toasted English muffin
China - Rice pudding
Chopper - A table knife
City juice - Water
Coney Island chicken or Coney Island - A hot dog
Cowboy - A western omelet or sandwich
Cow feed - A salad
Creep - Draft beer
Crowd - Three of anything
Deadeye - Poached egg
Dog and maggot -
Cracker and cheese
Dog biscuit - Cracker
Dog's body - A pudding of pea soup and flour
Dough well done with cow to cover - Buttered toast
Draw one - Coffee
Eve with a lid on - Apple pie
Fifty-five - A glass of root beer
First lady - Spareribs
Fly cake or roach cake - A raisin cake or huckleberry pie
Frenchman's delight - Pea soup
GAC - Grilled American cheese sandwich
Gentleman will take a chance - Hash
Go for a walk - An order to be packed and taken out
Gravel train - Sugar bowl
Graveyard stew - Milk toast
Groundhog - Hot dog
Hemorrhage - Ketchup
High and dry - A plain sandwich without butter, mayonnaise, or lettuce
Houseboat - A banana split
In the alley - Serve as a side dish
Irish turkey - Corned beef and cabbage
Java or Joe - Coffee
Looseners - Prunes
Lumber - A toothpick
Maiden's delight - Cherries
Mike and Ike or the twins - Salt and pepper shakers
Mud or Omurk - Black coffee
Murphy - Potatoes
Noah's boy - A slice of ham
On the hoof - Meat done rare
On wheels -takeaway order
Pair of drawers - Two cups of coffee
Pittsburgh - Toast or something burning
Put out the lights and cry - Liver and onions
Radio - A tuna-fish-salad sandwich on toast
Sand - Sugar
Sea dust - Salt
Sinkers and suds - Doughnuts and coffee
Vermont - Maple syrup
Warts - Olives
Whistle berries - baked beans
Wreath - Cabbage
Wreck 'em - Scramble the eggs
Yum-yum - Sugar
Zeppelins in a fog - Sausages in mashed potatoes


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