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A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
A fine Italian hand
Be an old hand at something
Be on one's hands and knees
Be putty in one's hands
By a show of hands
Bite the hand that feeds one
Call someone's hand
Can't see one's hand in front of one's face
Catch someone red-handed
Caught with one's hand in the cookie jar/till/cash register
Clap your hands
Close at hand
Cold hands warm heart
Do it by hand
Eat out of one's hand
Force one's hand
From hand to hand
Get the upper hand
Get your hands off me!
Give someone a big hand
Give someone the back of one's hand
Give someone the glad hand
Go hand in hand
Hand in glove
Hand me down...
Hand on your heart
Hand over fist
Hand pick something
Hand someone a line
Hand something to someone on a silver platter
Hand to hand combat
Hands off
Hands-on experience
Hands up
Hat in hand
Have blood on one's hands
Have one's hands full
Have someone eating out of one's hand
Have someone/something in the palm of one's hand
Have time on one's hands
Have to hand it to someone
Hired hand
Hold out your hand
Hold the winning hand
I wanna hold your hand
Idle hands
I've got to hand it to you
Keep your hands to yourself
Know something like the palm/back of one's hand
Left/back-handed compliment
Lend a (helping) hand
Live a hand-to-mouth existence
Live from hand-to-mouth
Make money hand over fist
Many hands make light work
On the other hand
One hand washes the other
One's left hand doesn't know what one's right hand is doing
Play into someone's hand
Raise your right hand
Rule with an iron hand/rod
Second hand rose/woman
Shake hands
Sit on one's hands
Sleight of hand
Something is getting out of hand
Take my hand
Take the law into one's own hands
The hand that rocked the cradle
The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing
Throw in one's hand
Throw up one's hands
Tied hand and foot
Tip one's hand
Try one's hand at something
Wait on someone hand and foot
Wash one's hands of something
Win hands down
With hat/heart in hand
With a heavy hand
With one hand tied behind my back


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