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Bad blood
Be in one's blood
Be out for blood
Blood and guts/gore
Blood and thunder
Blood brother
Blood clot
Blood feud
Blood is thicker than water
Blood money
Blood relatives
Blood sport
Blood sugar
Blood, sweat and tears
Blood-curdling scream/yell
Blood ties
Bloody but unbowed
Bloody hell
Bloody Mary
Bloody minded
Blue blood
Can't get blood from a turnip/stone
Cold blooded
Draw first blood
Fie, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman
First blood
Flesh and blood
Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood
Have blood on one's hands
Hire new blood
In cold blood
Make one's blood boil
Make one's blood run cold
New blood
Out for blood
Pay blood money
Red blood corpuscles
Scream bloody murder
Sunday bloody Sunday
Sweat blood
Too rich for one's blood
Turn one's blood to ice
Warm one's blood
What do you want, blood?
White blood cells
Young blood


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