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A game that two can play
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Child's play
Children at play
Come out to play
Don't play innocent with me
Foul play
Games people play
Go play in traffic!
Grandstand play
Idle hands (an idle mind) are the devil's playground
If music be the food of love, play on
It's not just winning, it's how you play the game
Instant action replay
Level playing field
Lie down and play dead
Make a grandstand play
Make a play for someone
Make a power play
Not playing with a full deck
Pay or play
Play a trump card
Play along with someone
Play around
Play ball with someone
Play both ends against the middle
Play by ear
Play cat and mouse with someone
Play catch-up ball
Play date
Play dead
Play devil's advocate
Play dirty
Play dirty pool
Play doctor
Play doh
Play dolls
Play down
Play fair
Play fast and loose
Play footsie with someone
Play for a fool
Play for a sucker
Play for keeps
Play games with someone
Play guts ball
Play hard ball
Play hard-to-get
Play havoc
Play heads-up ball
Play hide and seek
Play hooky
Play into someone's hands
Play it again, Sam
Play it by ear
Play it by the book
Play it close to the vest
Play it cool
Play it faster/slower
Play it loud
Play musical chairs
Play on words
Play one's cards right
Play one's trump card
Play politics
Play possum
Play right into someone's hands
Play second fiddle
Play someone for a fool
Play the daily double
Play the devil's advocate
Play the field
Play the fool
Play the heavy
Play the market
Play the race card
Play to the gallery
Play tricks
Play with fire
Play your cards right
Play-by-play description
Playful as a kitten
Playing with a cold deck
Plug and play
Power play
The play's the thing
Turnabout is fair play
Two can play that game
While the cat's away, the mice will play
Word play


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