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HistoryTools is an app that lists all the famous and infamous people who were born or died on each day of the year, major news events that occurred on each day, plus feast days of saints and holidays and celebrations around the world. Users can enter their own events and find them added to the pages of each day of the year.

The program helps kick-start ideas for writers and is a great help to students who wish to convince their teachers that they are among the smartest and most interesting in the class. It is a godsend to journalists, editors, speechwriters, novelists, advertising copywriters, publicists, screenwriters, playwrights or anyone with writer’s block.

In total the app holds more than 5,700 events, 6,200 birthdays, 4,000 deaths and 600 date-specific holidays - plenty of excuses to stay home from work and school!

Included are historical events in the categories of art, astronomy, automotive, aviation, broadcasting, business, celebrity and royal marriages, computing, crime, education, energy, famous first facts, feast days of saints, finance, geographical discoveries, government, health, Independence Day celebrations, inventions and patents, media, medicine, military, movies, music, natural disasters, politics, religion, royalty, scandals, science, space exploration, sports, technology, travel, world holidays, world-records, and much much more.

The app is fully searchable both by words or particular years. You can, for instance, discover more than 50 major accomplishments of women by searching for the words “first woman.” You can see births, deaths and events that happened in 1893 by simply entering that year in the search field.

A unique feature is the ability to use the program as a diary to save your own events and important dates. Enter all of your family’s birthdays and anniversaries. Put in dates of your holidays, travels, and celebrations. You can search HistoryTools for just your own entries and they will also be incorporated into the pages of each day of the year.

With HistoryTools on your mobile device a Wi-Fi or 3G connection is unnecessary since the entire database will be available offline. Whether you’re in a meeting, a classroom or in a trivial pursuit contest, a quick peek at HistoryTools could help your intellectual image.

When you are stuck for something to say, or something to write, HistoryTools can help. Sending a birthday card to a friend and looking for something witty to say? Simply go to the date of your friend’s birth and see which celebrities he or she may have in common. Need an opening for a speech you are giving on a particular date? Check HistoryTools and you’re sure to find something interesting to include in your opening paragraph. Need to make an impression on a teacher or love interest? There are plenty of conversation starters and pick-up lines in HistoryTools!

You can use HistoryTools to help with practical decisions too, such as travel plans. Visiting a country on the date that local people are celebrating Independence Day or special dates in their country’s history can enliven any vacation.

Compiled for over four decades by writer/editor Larry Belling, the program is one of the features of Writer'sDreamtools.com, his subscription website for professional writers and students which also contains the web's only slang thesaurus, a cultural history organized by decades, a dictionary of clichés and catch phrases, a huge collection of lists of people, places and things, an anthology of humorous quotations, and an assortment of classic internet humor articles.

HistoryTools has been built with the assistance of Engine Room Apps based in Leeds, UK.


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